Design for Conversion
Design for Conversion

It’s Really All that Matters in Sales

A holistic approach to user interface design

UX and UI is not effective without a holistic understanding of a client’s business goals, customers and brand. Our UX/UI process doesn’t take place in a vacuum, it requires information and collaboration from both the client and our technical development teams in order to provide an optimal solution.

UX UI Design Diagram

as the guide

Our website wireframes become the blueprint for website structure, user flows, and the priority of features and functionality. We can build on best-practices ecommerce templates and customize them as needed to achieve business goals.

UI designs
that differentiate.

We are strong believers in the power of the brand. Brand elements should be strategically applied throughout the user interface design process. This encompasses color palette, icons, fonts, graphic styles, imagery, and messaging.


Bluefin Distribution's sales came primarily from tradeshows and over the phone, and they needed a better way to sell and track orders. We launched their first eCommerce store, a fully functional Magento 2 Cloud instance, in eight days.

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The bedding company was tired of their home-brewed platform Kim Brown Knopf opened her first mattress store, Mattress Warehouse, in South Charleston, West Virginia, in 1983. She was 23 years old. 

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Real Street Performance sells technical automotive products that are attribute driven, and their products were not easily differentiated using thumbnail-images or titles. They needed a way to display similar looking data to shoppers in a way that let them filter and sort into something digestible.

Saddleback Leather was using outdated, limited eCommerce and ERP platforms with unstable custom connectors. They knew this wasn't going to work with their plans to scale or integrate with their ERP system.

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All our projects include a web style guide to provide brand consistency throughout the development process.