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Prevention is cheaper than recovery. Consistent and automated monitoring of your entire Adobe Commerce platform means security and performance updates are applied as they become available, backups are regular, and irregularities can be addressed before they become a major problem.

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Contain loss in sales and damaged Magento systems by using a reliable team of Adobe Commerce Certified Developers. A group familiar with your assets and the Adobe Commerce ecosystem performs swift recovery measures, so your systems can be restored to peak performance as soon as possible.

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Diagnose, fix, and maintain with Adobe Commerce support plans. We give your store the attention it needs to do its job. Our routine check-ups and fast-acting team are available in the form of several plans. Choose a Adobe Commerce support package that fits your needs.
Adobe Commerce Managed Services Basic Prime Elite Elite Cloud
Support Mode Support Website / Email Support Website / Email Support Website / Email Support Website / Email
24x7x365 Support        
Response Time SLA (Level-1) 2 hours 1 hour 30 minutes 30 minutes
Service Level Agreement Time to Engage Level 2 Technical Resource On Ticket
911/Emergency 4 hours 2 hours 1 hour 1 hour
High 24 hours 24 hours 8 hours 8 hours
Medium 36 hours 36 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Low 48 hours 48 hours 36 hours 36 hours
Active monitoring services Basic Prime Elite Elite Gold
Prevent malware distribution       ---
Monitoring blacklisting incidents        
Identify SEO Spam        
Block phishing lure pages        
Actively detect and prevent intrusions        
Website application firewall (Requires DNS to be hosted by Kensium)        
Stop DDoS attacks (Requires DNS to be hosted by Kensium)        
Stop software vulnerability exploitation attacks and attempts (Requires DNS to be hosted by Kensium)        
Prevent access control attacks (i.e., brute force attempts) (Requires DNS to be hosted by Kensium)        
Platform Analysis Monthly Bi-Monthly Weekly Weekly
Third-party tools - Adobe Commerce extensions        
Upcoming roadmap items - Adobe Commerce extensions and updates        
Performance tuning report        
Security Patches Monthly Bi-Monthly Weekly Weekly
Adobe Commerce       ---
OS patches recommended by hosting (does not include PHP version upgrades)       ---
Extension patches (provided by extension owners)        
Server Monitoring Monthly Bi-Monthly Weekly Weekly
Check SSL certificate validity (including intermediary certifications).        
Verify SFTP and ensure that the service is running well, and any account should not be use or disabled / removed.       ---
Check mail logs (Sendmail and / or Postfix)for any issues. If an external mail provider is being used (e.g. Sendgrind, Mailgun, Bronto etc.), check whether mail is flowing through the system.       ---
Check cron logs to ensure that cron jobs are executing, and verify that the alert email configurations are still setup correctly and emails are being received by the Admin.        
MySQL check - Ensue that slow logs are enabled (10 seconds), and review main log as well as slow log files and address any errors, including slow queries.        
Archive and delete all log files (Adobe Commerce, PHP, Apache/NGNIX, MySQL). Delete archives older than 30 days.        
Check hard disk space usage.        
Check patches for apache and MySQL.        
Alert client / development team if minor or major version upgrades are available.        
Check if Monit is monitoring all the defined services (weberver, database server, etc.) (Requires Monit to be installed on the server)       ---
Check for presence of swap files and backup files on server locations (Adobe Commerce directories and / etc folder) and clean them as required.        
Check file permissions for Magento code, / var, var/logs, and ensure that they are secured as per Adobe Commerce standards.        
GIT status review - Ensure that there are no files on the server modified as part of a production Hotfix and unchecked into GIT (requires GIT to be setup on the server for development updates)        ---
Check if the backups are working as per the host policies / pricing plan.        
Check if monitoring / alerts from the hosting solutions are enabled or not suppressed as part of previous maintenance.        ---
Delete Adobe Commerce maintenance DB files, and re-index all.        
Regenerate all catch to ensure that catching happening properly.        
Check URL rewrites table and ensure that it is not getting excessively large.        
Purge Magento history tables with data more than "x" days. This would be for recently viewed, etc.        
Check that feed files are generating as scheduled, including any shopping feeds, sitemap files, etc.        
Access home, category, product details, cart and checkout pages via HTTPS to ensure that there are no security warning.        
Run PCI compliance checks and fix any server side items (requires client to signup for PCI compliance service)        
Review application monitoring logs to identify performance bottlenecks for developers. (Requires New Relic / Blackfire services.        
Upgrades, Updates, and Training Basic Prime Elite Elite Gold
Major Adobe Commerce version update --- 1 per year 1 per year 1 per year
Adobe Commerce X.x.x sub-version  upgrades --- 4 per year 4 per year 4 per year
Training (web-based) 2 per year 4 per year 4 per year 4 per year

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