Connect Magento & Acumatica Cloud ERP

Connect Magento & Acumatica Cloud ERP

What’s Shared

The Magento Connector links your Acumatica back-office solution with Magento, facilitating seamless communication of product, customer, and fulfillment data. When information is entered into one platform (Magento or Acumatica ERP), the two-way sync automatically populates fields in both systems, eliminating the need for duplicate entries.


Robust Synchronization

Robust synchronization

Boost Magento Operations

Reduce the time it takes to complete tasks critical to daily operations. Automation capabilities provided by the Magento Connector set the groundwork for eCommerce growth with improved efficiency in the following areas:

Product Information

Sync sales data and product inventory information from Acumatica Cloud ERP to Magento.


Push orders from Magento to Acumatica Cloud ERP and incorporate crucial order items, such as products, quantities, discounts, taxes, and shipping info.

Customer Data

Update information and cater to customer needs to provide consumers
with the best possible
experience in your store.

Other Advantages

Captures refunds and sale prices, and it supports multiple Magento stores.

Order Tracking

Allow customers to track their delivery from a single portal.

Make Decisions With Confidence
Combine sales, product, and customer data from Magento into comprehensive data sets. Acumatica’s customizable reports are accurate and current, so key stakeholders can make informed decisions that help them sell more products
and increase retention.

Inventory Intelligence

Reallocate countless hours that are spent determining current inventory levels and performing calculations to estimate what is needed from suppliers. Through automated synchronization, the Connector displays current assets and generates reports to reveal optimal inventory levels, providing the information required to satisfy customer demand and avoid overstock situations.

Dynamic Pricing

Profit by applying ideal price points to products across all retail channels. The Connector makes it easy to identify fast-moving and stagnant inventory, allowing for dynamic price adjustments that match the demand of internal factors. Combine these insights with market trends to arrive at pricing strategies that lay a groundwork for repeat customers groundwork for repeat customers for repeat customers.

Reliable Fulfillment

With countless retailers selling products online, customers have options, often only returning to buy again if they feel connected through exceptional levels of service. Acumatica’s automation of the pick-pack-and-ship process, customer messaging, shipping, and tracking provides customers with desired information and ensures they receive their items on time.

Efficient Returns

Simplify returns and exchanges by integrating customer-initiated requests directly into back-office systems. The Connector expedites the process, and returns and exchanges are effortlessly recorded across inventory, accounting, customer accounts, and more. With all information automatically shared, returns can be processed correctly and quickly for customers.

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