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Conversion-Driven Design is a smarter way of designing an eCommerce website. Lead by our Conversion Experts, the design process is based on research-derived best practices and digital psychology.

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The Conversion Expert Variable

How We Do It

Beyond your feedback and approval, we encourage your questions along the entire process.


1) Design Discovery

Conversion Expert

Design Team

Gather information such as current website analytics data, business & brand goals, target audience, industry, and competition.

2) Analysis & Recommendations

Conversion Expert

Produces the Conversion Design Guidelines: a comprehensive manual filled with recommendations for the entire eCommerce experience.

3) Design Execution

Conversion Expert

Design Team

Delivers and explains the Conversion Design Guidelines to the design team and oversees its execution.

Executes the design of your new eCommerce website following the Conversion Design Guidelines.

4) You have a beautiful website with high rates of conversion. Developers will make sure everything is optimized and working well.


Decision Making

What should go on the homepage? How long should my product descriptions be? How many filters are too many? These are the type of questions the Conversion Experts help answer. Every year, we update a checklist of 200+ research-derived best practices pivotal to increasing conversion rates for ecommerce websites.

Buyer Behavior

Your buyers think they know how they make purchase decisions. The truth is they don’t, but we do. The Kensium Conversion Experts leading your project spend their waking hours studying the reasons behind buyers’ decisions and apply their findings to your website under the principles of digital psychology best practices. 

If You Already Have A Website...

Let's Put It To The Test The Ecommerce Conversion Evaluation (ECE) allows us to fasttrack our understanding of your eCommerce website’s pain points and conversion optimization opportunities.

The guidelines are organized into the fundamental pillars of the eCommerce experience:  

  • Homepage & Sitewide  
  • Product List & Search Results Page  
  • Product Page  
  • Cart & Checkout  
  • Mobile

You’ll get insightful explanations and recommendations for areas of improvement to make your website more effective at driving CRO.

Screenshots and text descriptions will help you identify where and how your website is failing to meet the standards and what you can do to fix it.

Based on Homepage & Sitewide guidelines, we give you your website global scores.

  • Appearance - the website is attractive and has a clean and simple presentation.
  • Clarity - it’s clearly understandable why someone should buy from this website instead of its competitors.
  • Credibility – purchasing from this website is comfortable and makes shoppers feel confident in conducting business with the website.
  • Usability – this website is easy to use. It is easy to navigate within the website.

Let's Get Serious About Conversion

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will help us improve desired actions (conversions)
on your website by optimizing the experience based on visitor behaviour.

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