Kensium Becomes A BigCommerce Agency Partner

Kensium's CEO, Rahul Gedupudi, shakes hands with BigCommerce's CEO, Brent Bellm.

Kensium Solutions has joined the ranks of BigCommerce Agency Partners as an Elite Partner. As part of the BigCommerce partner program, Kensium now has another commerce solution to offer their clients strong digital experiences while quickly, efficiently, and securely provide them the ability to transact, fulfill orders, and deliver goods sold.

“As a global eCommerce provider with a focus on seamless integration between front-end eCommerce solutions and back-end fulfillment/ERP systems, Kensium helps organizations enhance their commerce offering with not just an effective and efficient website, but also an integrated back-office system. Our investment in becoming a BigCommerce partner is based on the need to find another highly capable, SAAS-based, enterprise-grade headless commerce solution to complement our mature Magento practice” said Rahul Gedupudi, CEO, Kensium.

“Beyond the platform itself, merchants come to BigCommerce looking for access to expert partners that can assist in bringing their ecommerce vision to life, and Kensium exemplifies the ability to build an engaging, highly-performant website with SaaS,” said Brent Bellm, CEO at BigCommerce.

“The Kensium team are experts in supporting digital brand transformation through both traditional and headless means, and welcoming them into our agency portfolio further strengthens the holistic experience that we can offer our merchants.”

-Brent Bellm, CEO at BigCommerce.

Kensium has experience working with BigCommerce – via our BigCommerce Connector to Acumatica Cloud ERP, which was recently acquired by Acumatica and incorporated into their Commerce Edition. With this new partnership, Kensium will focus on BigCommerce customers that are looking to build a complete commerce solution – from website strategy and design, to implementation, integrations, order management, fulfilment, financials and ongoing support of all these systems.

While BigCommerce and Magento are two great platforms, they do have some important differences, and depending on the business needs, one platform may be a better fit than another. With this addition, Kensium’s customers now have a choice between two of the leading eCommerce platforms and can pick the right solution based on their needs.

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