Is your Magento website healthy?

Magento is a platform recognized for its remarkable processing power and impressive flexibility when it comes to customization, but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. With thousands of extensions and more than 250,000 developers, there are countless moving parts within the Magento ecosystem. Between the operating system, database, web server, PHP, Magento, and the extensions, it’s common for updates and patches to be released daily, but many webstores fail to implement the necessary changes to remain secure. With the help of a partner to maintain and service your Magento website, you realize the following benefits:

Prevention is cheaper than recovery

While hiring a partner or spending time monitoring the Magento community for updates on your store and its extensions can seem like an inefficient use of resources, investment in the well-being of your store is vital. Rebuilding a sizable, personalized eCommerce website following an attack can cause tens-of-thousands of dollars, not including the damage it may have caused to your customer relationships and reputation. Depending on the nature of the breach, customer data and financial security can be compromised. Because consumers are more likely to communicate about a negative experience than a positive one, you will lose business from affected customers, as well as those to whom they communicate their experience through face-to-face conversation, reviews, or another medium.

If you don’t have a partner ensuring your store is secure and updated by implementing the latest changes, it is vulnerable to attackers, incompatibility, and errors due to outdated code. An unpatched store doesn’t require malicious activity for things to go wrong, and if they do, you’ll be facing the costs of rebuilding the website – and possibly your image. To ensure an up-to-date platform for your eCommerce operation, you can choose a partner who guarantees to monitor and improve your store with patches as they become available.

Intrusion can happen to any store

Some people assume the largest companies in the industry are heavily armored to fend off attackers – and they are. However, events in the past have shown us that trusted and prepared companies have experienced data breaches of their own. These companies lost hundreds-of-millions of dollars, personal and financial information of millions of customers, and an unquantifiable amount of customer trust.

If retail and technology giants are falling victim to intruders, what is stopping medium-sized businesses from being susceptible? Unfortunately not much, with most business owners simply assuming that their server providers are maintaining the safety of valuable information.

Even the most patched up site can be vulnerable to hackers, as they could be exploiting an unpublished vulnerability across the various components involved in the running of a website. However, the risks of a security breach can be reduced significantly by having an active monitoring and patch management protocols

What does a good support and maintenance package look like?

While it’s tough to tell a business owner which support package or partner is right for them, we think it’s safe to say what a solid support package should contain. It should at a minimum include the following:

  • Around-the-clock availability of technical resources
  • 24×7 website monitoring
  • Notification of updates and applying them to the site as they become available
  • Notifications on new versions of extensions
  • Certified specialists

Aside from providing maintenance and support services for your store, Kensium Solutions performs integration, development, and design services – proving we know Magento from the inside out. Stores that choose us as their partner receive a team of experts dedicated to getting the most out of your store, while keeping it secure and updated.

Reliable partners can be at your side

Many Magento developers offer to optimize your site or give your store the latest functionality improvements, but that’s a one-time deal. Kensium, a certified Magento Partner, goes the extra mile to be sure your store is maintained – even after the initial implementation. We actively look for new releases and updates, and begin audits on our customers’ websites to determine whether their site is affected by the new changes. We tweak your infrastructure to fit soundly with the latest patches and performance updates, so you don’t have to be worried with site safety or functionality.

Through agreements inclusive of constant monitoring, those with certified Magento skills can decipher code and view errors and irregularities in real time. Without a knowledgeable Magento specialist looking after your store’s well-being, harmful instances in your store can go unnoticed, limiting the site’s efficiency and speed.

Kensium is devoted to keeping clients current and satisfied. We offer responsive 24/7 support to customers who need help with their stores because an eCommerce website never closes its doors. Our team of designers, developers, and SEO experts is trained in all areas of Magento, meaning we can fulfill any maintenance or upkeep request to your specifications.

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