How Mobile-First Magento Layouts Benefit Businesses and Customers

A person is considered responsive if they react quickly to a stimulus. A responsive Magento website is similar in that it detects the device accessing it and resizes displayed content accordingly. While a responsive design may not be answering a question in a timely manner like a person might, responsive websites allow users to experience a consistent version of a store, no matter what device they are using.

Customers who shop Magento mobile stores receive the benefits of a fluid layout – one that adapts itself to the device browsing the store. When a layout resizes itself according to the customer’s smartphone or tablet, it makes content more digestible resulting in deeper engagement and less frustration.


The benefits of responsive design in Magento stores extend beyond customers’ interactions with the interface. When customers share a responsive Magento store, it is the same URL for mobile and desktop users, meaning sharing a responsive link is more effective from an SEO perspective than sharing a link for businesses with different websites for each device.

Companies that recognize this and build a responsive website are more favored in search engine rankings. With more visitors and a single direct link to the Magento store, businesses with fluid website structure will be ranked higher in popular search engines. The ability to focus on one SEO campaign, as opposed to one for each separate website, is another benefit to implementing responsive design.
The nature of a fluid Magento layout allows eCommerce businesses to source leads from a variety of places back to their single website URL. These leads can come from:

  • Social media
  • Digital advertisements
  • Traditional advertisements
  • Search engines
  • Manual URL entry

Businesses without a responsive website would have to change the URL posted on their advertisements depending on where they are posted and who they are targeting. Creating separate campaigns for different URLs can feel like a zero sum game.

Only one set of code is required to design and develop the responsive site. A single streamlined site structure makes management easier for eCommerce businesses, meaning they spend fewer resources on maintenance and integrations. With cost of complexity reduced, businesses can focus on creating content that’s adaptive and engaging across device sizes and types.

Responsive designs make business easier for eCommerce companies and their customers. By creating a platform which adjusts itself to the device shoppers are using, customers get the experience they expect, which translates to brand trust. Finding a partner who can create and implement a responsive design solution is a beneficial step for any eCommerce business. Kensium Solutions, a Magento Enterprise Partner, specializes and is certified in Magento 2 development services – including responsive design.

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